Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hueco - Day 1

This is the happiest place on earth.

I'm a little over half way done with my first trip to Hueco and only on my second rest day. I wouldn't recommend this after coming off a lingering finger injury.

I should note that, like the original purpose of this blog, I will write for my own benefit and as something to look back on. I'm not a terribly strong climber and I could generally give a shit less about the ratings of specific problems. I will name the problem here and give the general consensus of a rating for the problem as told to me. If you want to argue ratings, that's what this is for.

Since this is my first time here my goal has been to fall off as many fun problems as possible, sending when I can, and only going back to things twice if I'm really super psyched to retry it or if I felt I was close to sending. The break down of days so far:

Day 1 - East Mountain

Might have been my strongest day if only because my fingers and skin was fresh. I was also climbing with a really nice crew full of solid people. Dragonfly is an amazing line as is Hobbit. Hector is a bit sharp but pretty straight forward.

- Sends -
Osterizer - V3
Warm Up Roof - V4 (flash)
Hobbit in a Blender - V5 (flash)
DragonFly - V5
Hector in a Blender - V7

- Attempted -
Try Hard - V4
Gustavo's Project/Left - V?

"Gus's Project/Left" - Photo by Gustavo Moser @ Gas-Photo

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