Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hueco Day - 8/9

"Sunset off of the East Spur"

Day 8/9 - East Spur

After a good rest day with John consisting of seeing movies and eating Texas sized steaks. It is seriously hard to eat anything but steak when T-Bone's and Ribeyes are $4.99 a pound.....Amurrrrica is the greatest country ever. Rocco led John and myself out to the spur with the rest of the Climbmax/AZ crew at Hueco that day. I loved the spur. So many cool problems right around my grades of choice.

After a few warm ups we got on "Jigsaw Puzzle". This was a very hard crimp intensive problem that was also a bit long. The patina on this rock was beautiful and wish I had spent more time shooting pictures of this rock. It went after about 4 tries with very little energy to finish.

"Mary destroying Jigsaw Puzzle"

We moved up the mountain to send "Walrus in a Blender". This one move dyno/huck probably doesn't deserve as hard of a grade as it gets. I topped out left and John topped out right.

I then tried "Fight or Flight" and couldn't psyche myself up for the heady top out. Kudos to Brian for sending. Right next door to this was "New Religion". After two goes and some moral support and beta from Rocco, this problem went. Such a cool move but I have to modestly admit that the rating on it is probably an old school rating and would be downgraded by today's dynamic style gym climbers.

After working "Alf in a Blender" which is a great problem but very body and core intensive, we decided to work over to "Uncut Yogi" which gave me a nice flapper on my left hand. A very tight heel hook will be required to finish the crux but this thing will go eventually.

"Rocco's presence is felt everywhere"

Finally we finished on "El Burro" which was described to me as the hardest "3" in the park. A very campus heavy sequence and this went second go after a nice fall on my right knee.

An overall great day with amazing people and a typically awe-inspiring sunset.

- Sends -
"El Burro" - V3
"Jigsaw Puzzle" - V5
"Walrus in a Blender" - V5
"New Religion" - V7

- Attempts -
"Fight or Flight" - V5
"Alf in a Blender" - V6
"Uncut Yogi" - V6

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Mr. J said...

What's up with all the Blender named climbs?