Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hueco - Day 6

"Crankin on No Quarter"

Day 6 - West Mountain

We went with Gustavo to work on some projects of his out on West M
ountain. The crew included Jordan, Dave, Prairie, and John. After quite a treacherous hike up hill, we fooled around on "Best of the Best". A really cool climb that seems about a mile long worth of moves.

"Dave on Best of the Best"

Next we moved down the hill to work "Crash Dummy". It became maybe my favorite climb of the trip. This thing has all kinds of moves on it starting with a juggy roof flowing into a drop knee and long reaches followed by a dyno/huck move and ending on 10 foot face climb of crimps and a gaston. After getting shut down for about 9 tries, I gave it an angry last burn and hit the long huck without the drop knee by just sagging tight into the roof. Pumped out the finish and sent. AMAZING climb.

Next we hiked up to "No Quarter" which was dark and beautiful. Gustavo will send this shit when fresh and looked really good going through the sequence.

"Prairie on the ending sequence of Best of the Best"

Lastly we finished on "Trickster". In the name of time Prairie showed me the trick beta but it was still hard as shit to finish. I feel like this problem is a right of passage for Hueco. Such goofy, tasty, fun.

"John trying to find Trickster but watching the sunset"

- Sends -
"Trickster" - V3/4
"Crash Dummy" - V7

- Attempts -
"Best of the Best" - V8
"No Quarter" - V8

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John F said...

Haha Timmy! I forgot all about this site until I googled Best of the best to update my blog. I'll save this site 4 sure you beast!