Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hueco - Day 3

"Ryan on Bulb of Percussion"

Day 3 - East Mountain

As this was my third day on in a row I didn't expect much in terms of strength. Went out with a great crew including 3 guides and the Boston crew. Today was a day to "star chase" since we had climbers of all different strengths. I was really excited to get on a bunch of the classics on East Mountain.

Started with "Moonshine Roof" worked our way to "The Fin" then onto "Lithic Technology" and "Bulb of Percussion".

"Dustin on Bulb of Percussion"

"Ryan on The Fin"

"Narissa on Moonshine Roof"

- Sends -
Moonshine Roof - V4
The Fin - V4
Lithic Technology - V4
Bulb of Percussion - V5

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