Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hueco - Day 2

"Nobody Here Gets Out Alive"

Day 2 - North Mountain

This was a rough day in which after warming up on the classically awesome "Nobody Here Gets Out Alive" I was taken to some gnarly problems on North. I was introduced to "Mexican Chicken" "Daily Dick Dose" and "BabyFace". After a few goes on each I made some progress through the starts but moved onto something else quickly. Followed Gus to "Assisted Living" and "McBain". Didn't do shit on either of these stout problemasses but it was valuable to know what they felt like as I would return to them in the next few days.

Finished the day just wanting to do some fun movement so we hiked "MelonPatch" and "Orifice Affair". Both amazingly fun problems to end a beautiful day on.

"Prarie hiking Mexican Chicken"
- Sends -
MelonPatch - V0 (flash)
Orifice Affair - V1 (flash)
Nobody Here Gets Out Alive - V2 (flash)

- Attempted -
Mexican Chicken - V6
Daily Dick Dose - V7
BabyFace - V7
"Assisted Living" - V8
"McBain" - V8

"Gus demonstrating a drop knee on Fern Roof"

"Top out of Mexican Chicken"

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