Monday, December 20, 2010

Hueco - Day 13/Finale

Day 13 - North Mountain

I had to take off early this morning to head back to Phoenix. I rolled out to North by myself around 8am to finish "Lobster Claw". With only one pad and no spotter, I figured it would be in my own best interest to send this first go. It's by no means a bad fall or sketchy landing but nonetheless I wanted to send this thing with my toe hook beta.

As I had hoped, with fresh muscles and no lactic acid bath going on in my arms, it went easily. Picked up the gear and rolled home with only the Coyotes to say goodbye to.

This was an amazing trip and I owe a huge thanks to new friends and old ones. I started this trip with Gustavo and Sara but they both had to take off early on. Those crazy kids are always a blast and if you've never had a sushi dinner with a Venezuelan in El Paso, I would suggest it.

But I really have to thank the new friends I met at the Ranch and through the trips to the park over these two weeks. Whether it was Melling and the other AZ crew, Nikias, Corbitt, Jordan, Prarie, Johnny Flowers, this was an amazing group of people.

I owe an especially huge thanks though to Mary and Rocco who not only sold me $200 worth of climbing gear for about 40 bucks, but were supportive spotters, climbers, and grillers of Steak. There are "good" people and there are "solid" people, these two have both attributes.

I'm glad I got to make enough Matza Ball Soup to serve 15 people (or 7 climbers in this case) but I'm even more happy that I reached my 50/25 goal while in Hueco. This goal was to send at least 50 problems of which 25 had to be v3 or more. I got many more then 50 problems considering so many 0's, 1's and 2's are accessible and easy to do in one day.

Below is the list of the 25.....

"El Burro" - V3
"Instant Classic" - V3
"Hercules" - V3
"100 Proof Roof" - V3
"Osterizer" - V3
"Trickster" - V3/4
"T-Bone Shuffle" - V4
"Girls of Juarez" - V4 (flash)
"Moonshine Roof" - V4
"The Fin" - V4
"Lithic Technology" - V4
"Warm Up Roof "- V4 (flash)
"Lobster Claw" - V5
"Bloody Flapper" - V5
"Jigsaw Puzzle" - V5
"Walrus in a Blender" - V5
"Bulb of Percussion" - V5
"Hobbit in a Blender" -
V5 (flash)
"Dragon Fly" - V5
"Ides of March" - V6
"Short Order Cook"
- V6
"New Religion" - V7
"Crash Dummy" - V7
"Daily Dick Dose" - V7
"Hector in a Blend
er" - V7

.....Until next time Hueco.....Salud

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Timmy! Miss bouldering with you kid. Hope all is well!