Friday, December 17, 2010

Hueco - Day 10

"Brandon in the rest"

Day 10 - North Mountain

The crew headed to North starting with warmups around the "Icarus" area. Did some problem that I thought was a warmup called "Hercules".

I then snuck over towards "Dean's Journey" with some of the guys. This thing is hard but very unique with a full standing rest in a truck sized Hueco you can stem completely across. Right next to this problem was the infamous "Bloody Flapper". We each gave it a bunch of attempts and I finally stuck the jump move. This thing is basically one stupid human trick then a straight forward but tall-ish topout.

"Jordan going big on Bloody Flapper"

This was also my last day to give a try to "Babyface". I wasn't really into working this project again but with a supportive group and a ton of pads, I got a new highpoint and enough confidence to think that after sticking the last right hand move, this thing will go down. Probably the top of my list for projects upon returning to Hueco.

"Nikki-Ass finally sending Babyface"

Before leaving North I wanted to at least try the moves to "See Spot Run". As this is the so called V6 testpiece and a 4star problem. Got through the sharp first moves and came down. I think fresh and with enough pads and some cajones that this is very doable.

"Neil coming off the crux of Dean's Journey"

A fun last full day on North and really sore pads.

- Sends -
"Hercules" - V3
"Bloody Flapper" - V5

- Attempts -
"See Spot Run" - V6
"Babyface" - V7
"Dean's Journey" - V10

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Ben said...

Good to see you blogging again Tim! Keep it up! We're going to be headed back west in a couple weeks here, hope to see you someplace in the SW!