Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SRV: One Year Older

I hate making a big deal about any particular day in my own life, so I'm not a big fan of b-days.  This past week has been mostly reflective and somewhat strange (have a dinner function talking with two Senators over a glass of wine about the current administration's energy policies and the likelihood of a 501c3's survival chances in this economy).....ya know the typical weeknights.

When not reflecting on how the hell I got out here and how lucky and privileged I am to still be employed in any capacity (if you have a job and you still complain....then you might wanna open those eyes a bit wider), I think about my friends on both sides of the world and how lucky I am to have them.

As stated before I'm of a naturally subdued nature.  You don't go into my line of work to be acknowledged.  It's actually why I choose it, so that I could slip under the radar in a challenge of self-realization.  

As cliche as it sounds, if I was to go tomorrow, let it be known that I'm as happy as brown bear sunning himself in backcountry unit 9 of Denali national park...right off the running waters of the Toklat sitting on a tundra bench.

But please respect my last wishes and at my funeral have an open bar and maybe a portable climbing wall.....

....and this song must be played. Either version.  Take your pick.  I close my eyes and it hits my soul everytime.  While Jimi is the originator,  SRV can do no wrong:

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Kristine said...

Well might not be a big fan of b-days, but I (the girl who forced you to go to dinner on your actual bday and the bar on Friday night for one too many beers) am a big fan of your b-day and hope you had a good b-day week last week!