Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I woke up early to a sunny day at 9am to go bouldering in the snow, but that will be an entire post on its own since there is already video being edited on how to top out in mixed snow and ice on a v3....

It should be noted that despite my best skepticism about the Cardinals in a previous blog I should give credit where credit is due. The game ended exactly how I wanted it to. They played a great game officiated by Pac-10 referees and almost won it despite what seemed like 37 dumb penalties. But I must recognize my bias.

If the Cards were to have won it, then that would mean the Suns and Coyotes would be the only locals not to acquire a ring. And the way Matt Barnes is chucking up threes that barely hit glass....I'd put my money on Wayne Gretzky's Ice Dogs.

Regardless, kudos to cards fans. Don't break your ankles jumping off of the bandwagon too fast.....

The highlights/lowlights were the commercials. For the most part they sucked....even after 5 beers I couldn't get excited about most of them.

The Transformers, GI Joe, and Star Trek trailers did nothing for me. I'll still see them of course with the anticipation of an excited child in order to stimulate the economy and put a few more punches on my man card. I'm sure the movies will all be bad ass, especially Star Trek.

The commercials had a lot of horses, random animals, sexual innuendos sponsored by a url-hosting site, and apparently the implication that the next coming of Bob Dylan is

If this is the case for our musical generation then you might be better off dropping your radio in the bathtub next time you wash up.....

My favorite commercial goes to the E-Trade baby and his new duet partner. The subtle humor of having a cute black baby go acappella on a Mr. Mister song is right up my alley.....

The other gem in "Nannerpuss". I think it gets better with every time you watch it on your computer (Watch closely as his eyeball gets slapped off by one of his arms). It sneaks up on you with its low budget and terrible song but come's a banana puppet held up by strings straddling a stack of pancakes. I'm not sure of the innuendo here, but it gets three thumbs up from me.

The final and most memorable moment of the whole Superbowl goes to what I'm now dubbing the "monorail". The Boss is great and still rocks relatively hard for his age (72ish?) but the moment him and his greased up leather pants go sliding into third base (the camera) to avoid the tag for the final out of the inning is priceless.

He looks down to see that he's just given a black eye to one camera man and a crotch shot to millions more. Then he looks right into the camera with a goofy childlike grin as if to say "that was hilarious and I'd laugh about it if I didn't have to get back to lip-
synching the rest of this set". I'm still not sure if this was an intentional move on his part and it seemed candid and unscripted for sure, but that could just be Bruce being Bruce.

Enjoy the video before it is taken down by NBC...

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