Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy

I've heard two of the stand-up albums from Louis C.K. and saw his HBO special about a year ago, but someone turned me onto this short interview he did with Conan before his final show.

What I love about this interview is how candid Louis is.  He's not doing shtick, he's just rolling with his thoughts.  There are comedians that do observational humor but Louis is just...observational.  Besides his skit about the "saddest blowjob in America", below is my favorite bit of his.

But I saw this video at a time when D.C. had just been dumped on/dusted with 7 inches of powder in a 24 hour period.  Apparently the whole metro area freaks out when there is anything more then 2 inches of precip.  I was one of 4 people that came to work yesterday, and the only one that took the metro.  

That's fine with me as I got quite a bit done without much distraction.  But I did hear a lot of people complaining on the streets, in the stores, and on the radio station I listen to.  On the way home I got to hear someone complaining about the Nasa satellite which just crashed into the ocean after an unsuccessful launch.  

Sure NASA has had their issues of scrutiny in the past and this $280 "whoops" isn't gonna help their cause, but as Louis C.K. would say "It's going to f#@%ing space, you non-contributing zilch!"  

These folks on the train wanted NASA to shut down completely and us to spend that money on "things that work instead of crash" as this would clearly help the economy.  

I'm not one to pick sides but I'm just guessing that these people probably use a T.V., a cell phone, or a computer once in a blue moon.  I think the cost to support NASA for every American is $2 a year.  I'm not sure (and I'll look for and post the correct number in an update later), but I think this is about the same cost for the Metro system, and anyone who rides it knows that you can play a great drinking game guessing which elevators and escalators will be out of commission on a given day.

Let NASA stay.  Hell expand their budget.  People that are getting a paycheck every two weeks need to stay a bit happier and maybe consider themselves lucky at this point to have the ability/obligation/right to pay taxes for these programs.

But in the mean time keep the filter off your thoughts.  I prefer people that just "spray" whatever is on their mind rather then filter it.  Kinda like Mickey Rourke.....I mean this is how you give a fuckin awards speech Hollywood!  Start taking notes!!!

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