Friday, January 23, 2009

What do Atheists yell during sex?

It's a damn fine question.

Now despite both of my parents being jewish, I grew up without any affiliation with an organized religion. My parents are just good hippies from New York that gave my brother and I options if we chose to pursue a religious path. Paramount to this though, was their belief that we grow up to be kind & caring human beings.

I feel I've done ok so far and would/have never judged someone based on their beliefs. Hell....I even believe in God (I just realized the irony in that sentence). I just believe that God is too big for just one religion.

I've come to find that my favorite kind of people are those that are able to find humor in the outward stereotypes regarding their particular religion. Some of the best comedy comes from this practice and it also provides for a sense of inclusion for those that are normally skeptical about learning anything else about someone else's beliefs that are not their own.

Some of my own favorite jokes are self-depricating jewish jokes. Would we even have Seinfeld if it wasn't for this kind of humor. Believe it or not I just took this picture of the original "puffy shirt" the friggin Smithsonian Jerrrryyyyyy.

Maybe the best way to create understanding is through humor. No one, in my humble opinoin, is better then that of Stephen Colbert's character (he's just in character so much you forget that).

If you enjoy him as much as I do, then you'll appreciate this interview with Lori Lippman Brown, director of Secular Coalition for America.

And God Bless America.

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