Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Red Rock Photo Teaser

Peter North Pump Variation? (v5)

My throat is closing up and I'm feeling sick. Work has only gotten more crazy and I'm still trying to sort through about 400 photos and a couple videos from Red Rock. So think of this as a photo teaser until I can get an adequate post up about the experience.

The ratings on these do not constitute a send, they are merely ratings for guidance. The hardest thing I really worked repeatedly and eventually sent over these two days was "Classic Monkey" (v6). I even had witnesses and a video to post once I figure out how.

"Caliman" (v7), "The Pearl" (most stout and overworked 30 year old John Long classic v4), and "Monkey Pinch" (v4)....all did not go.

Alas this is the problem when you only have 1 full day to work problems with a hangover and vegas buffet food stirring inside your soul.

Monkey Pinch (v4)

Caliman (v7)

Caliman @ Sunset

Potato Chips (v2)

The Cube (various highballs v3-v9)

(Only tools cut their feet to pose....)

The Pearl (v4+++)

Classic Monkey (v6)- Click to enlarge for scale

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Chilly Breeze said...

Still waiting for the meat... I just got back from Hueco Tanks. Dude, it's all that and more...