Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Others.....

There are those that are better then me. There I said it.

I'm not smart or all that witty and I have the same writing skills I did in 7th grade Honors English.

I chose a while ago that I didn't want this blog to be anonymous and wasn't opposed to throwing a mug shot up every once in a while. I think it provides for a sense of inclusion, that friends know this is the real me.

This also helps because it works as a form of self-imposed censorship. If this blog were completely anonymous it would get a lot more flagrant, sexual, and offensive in nature. And while this surely would be fun, I tend to find a happy medium with my Rules.


Now that this is out of the way, I thought it w
ould be time to give a note out to others. Almost all of them have either a much better grasp on the english language or a much nicer camera then I do......sometimes both.

For the 25+ people that I've come to find act
ually read this blog, your time has come. And Klime, rest assured an entire post will be dedicated to your work, support, passion, and overall badassness.

First off needs to be Benny-Boy over at Disjoint Thoughts. His blog is much cleaner lookin, he actually gets to climb and takes professional quality shots since he still lives in the warm dry area of the country, and most importantly he is the main influence for getting me to start sharing my thoughts.

Topics: Climbing, technology, photography, and drinking. Sometimes together....
My Favorite Post: The Annual Wenny Awards- The Best and Worst routes of 2008


Next off is another "Ben" at Go Big or Go Home. A teacher of your children, climber of your rocks, and jack of all trades. A local that I befriended out here in Virginia and has a great candid style to his blog.

Topics: Climbing, Tim Tebow's erotic physique, a
nd everything in between.
My Favorite Post: Almost Wobbled


I met a very cool character named Glen while climbing at Red Rock who writes at Prickles & Goo. Another very talented photographer and climber (seeing the trend here) who is lucky enough to live somewhere warmer then I.

Topics: Climbing and Food. I was sold.
My Favorite Post: Sharkwalk


These three get the most pull because they post the
most often. You (you know who you are) that only blogs once every month, get on it. I'm shooting for at least once a week.

Others include my "Foolish" buddy Dave at
Tour de Dave, and Arizona childhood buddy at Zack at Zack is Becoming


Lastly, there are the topical blogs that are just my style. I
liken it to reading the "rags", those magazines about celebrity gossip and 2 headed children, but with much better content.

My favorite of these is the eternally optimisti
c Phoenix Suns fans at Bright Side of the Sun, the cynical Why.I.Hate.DC, the crazy escaladores at Climbing Narcissist and Dabtronics.

There are many other blogs of personal interest that really don't have a single topic besides being all around bad ass and manly like The Fukerton.

With so many great blogs being put out by famous and semi-famous people (not those written and edited by a publicist), it's a slightly voyeuristic opportunity for us all to actually give our thoughts some proper context rather then changing your F#@%in facebook status message every 45 seconds about how it's snowing.

(I've updated my status 7 times in the past calender year, stop it...just stop it. Also please take this opportunity to delete those pictures you took of yourself in front of a mirror posing, no one gives a shit.)

Snow without Sunsets in Alaska (sitting on right side of photo for perspective)

Yeah, it snows out and you can't drive that's so damn original. What valuable insight. How come I'm from Arizona (I will admit to spending the last 5 years living in a mountain ski town and a few seasons in Alaska where it snowed in July however) and I'm not phased by the powder?

Either go stand under a window awning and wait for an icicle to fall through your eyeball or if it misses you pick it up and stab yourself in the ear with it, or shut up and do what I did......

.....walk/metro to work, then bail out early afternoon, walk through the freezing snow and spend the last 2 hours of sunlight paying your respects at the Korean War Memorial and wait till dusk to take pictures of the Lincoln Memorial/National Reflecting Pool while smiling about how beautiful life can be at certain moments.....

(Photos to follow soon)


Mr. J said...

Right on. I won't give you hell about not showing up at the gym then last night. I love the Korean War Memorial's power and simplicity. I think it moves me more than Vietnam's, though I've definitely seen more people crushed with sadness at finding someone they knew on Maya Lin's wall. That could be because it's slightly more well-known, and there are far more veterans of Vietnam still kicking around.

Speaking of tromping around in the snow and ice, check my pictures tonight. I've got some good ones from yesterday.

Chilly Breeze said...

Thanks for the shout out. Keep up the good writing. Plus I heard through the grapevine that tfa'll reach out to ya. Best o luck.