Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

There are too many topics in my noggin to actually get it all in on one blog. My suns are being dragged down by Amare, Michael Bidwell has redeemed his family's name, I've had Navy friends sleepin on my couch for the past week, and there were just a few extra tourists in D.C. this for some reason.

When doing shots this past weekend I proposed a simple toast.
"AZ reunion in Adams Morgan"

"The Cardinals are in the Superbowl and the U.S. has a black president: To 2009, the year we witness things I never thought possible!"

But the weirdest day of all took place yesterday on inauguration day and started out seemingly normal.

Knowing I was going to need to get to the metro early despite heading away from the district towards Alexandria, I was not prepared mentally for what I witnessed. Now I apologize that the camera I was just given didn't come with a usb cord so until I track one down I can't put up some strange pictures of the night.

For now, go ahead and browse
Here for some much better pro-phos of the events then whatever I would take.

The metro at Pentagon City around 8:10 am had people lined up about 1,000 or so deep. This didn't include another few hundred that were just waiting on the train platform itself. The final numbers on the record breaking day for Metro was somewhere around 900,000+ yesterday.

After quite a few minutes of hearing cops with riot gear yell at people to stand back and not crowd the doors I made it through alive on the other side of the platform.

Despite the fact that everyone else including local government offices got the day off and despite the fact that our organization which does consulting with government grants....required that I come in to provide much needed labor.

No worries. Just pretty damn happy to have a job in this economy, period.

Now I didn't want to go to any events that required "pomp & circumstance", it's just not my style. There is enough narcissism in this town already thanks. I don't mind playing dress up for work related events, but you just won't see me dressing up and paying $200 to go to the MTV Sponsored Youth Ball to see Kanye, Kid Rock, and Fall Out Boy (none of whom are exactly on my "to see list" despite being invited to attend).

Ironically that ball targeted youth aged 18-35, I just always thought MTV as a channel targeted 14-21 with bad reality show programming and cookie cutter shitty pop music. But then again I'm just a guy that misses folk like Brad Nowell, Duane Allman, and Miles Davis. Plus the concert I wanted to see with Michael Franti and Talib Kweli sold out fast and was gonna be a bitch to try to navigate my way through the district.

"There is so much 'win' in this photo that words do no justice"

So my coworker/friend/wingman Melinda and I compromised and head to the Clarendon Grill which was doing a WJFK radio sponsored inaugural drinking night as a benefit to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The philanthropist in me is always looking for creative ways to spend/give away my meager income and figured this would be a great one.

Plus it was black tie optional so I wore the old jeans and blazer. Comfortable and happy.

A great cover band
"Road Soda" was playing and drinks were reasonably priced. Most importantly I stayed on the Virginia side of town and was therefore able to avoid the mobs.

The night takes a turn for the weird around this time.....

After a good time at the bar listening to the band and dancin I head back to the Metro. Before I reach the turnstile a man stops me in broken english and mostly spanish and asks for some help. The amount of conversational spanish this gringo from Arizona knows is poquito to say the least. Just enough to not get my ass kicked in Rocky Point and order a decent burrito that won't get spit in at Amados.

He has a metro card but it seems he can't figure out how to put money on it. I bring him up to the screen which says "insert cash" but he either doesn't have any or doesn't want to. I ask him if he has a, am.exp. etc. We hit a wall in our efforts.

"My view of the Inauguration ceremony"

In the spirit of change and hope, I just snag his card and put $10 from my visa on it. He looks at me puzzled as though I am about to now steal his card and run. Instead I walk him to the platform, ask him where he works in his cocina down the street and he asks me if he can pay me back.

No necesita.

Overhearing this is a group of three middle aged women whom smile approvingly. I make small talk with one since I've had 4 drinks and find out that she is a state senator from New Hampshire. I talk about my work dealing with education and workforce development and find out she's the chair for her state in education. I'll keep her name private for anonymity but she encourages me to send my resume along.

I'm feeling pretty good about the way the night is wrapping up until I transfer at Rosslyn and see another middle aged asian women grab an armrail as if she's struggling to breathe hunched over. I ask if she needs help, doesn't even turn around to acknowledge me, and proceeds to throw up all over herself and a trash can.....

Nothing quite as classy as seeing a $300 fur coat and 6 inch heels covered in vomit.

It's time for a change.....of clothes!!!!

(side note for above joke: overused and no longer amusing. Please let this political catch phrase go the way of the Bush administration and fade off into the sunset, never to be heard from again).


Mr. J said...

New Hampshire? You do know that it's effin' colder than a witch's teat up there, right?

Ok. Good work though. You're good people.

Anonymous said...

How I do enjoy your assesment of the day's activities. Besides for the change of clothes you encountered (and the plumbing issues of Saturday morning), all in all I think it was one heck of a weekend!