Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Flying Out

I'm sure there will be delays. Even if there aren't, according to my recently printed e-ticket I'm still looking at a 9 hrs 39 mins worth of traveling.

Now this does include a lovely 3 hour layover in what I thought I originally thought to be Chicago. I'm fairly sure I'd have about as much luck getting off the ground in Siberia then O'Hare in the winter. The good news is that I'm now flying through Houston instead, so there might be hope for me yet.

I figure it could always be worse, I have been stuck in the Anchorage airport for 13 straight hours......

This doesn't change the fact that I'll be getting into AZ sometime around 11:30pm.

To counteract this however, I plan on participating in the tried and true American tradition of getting blitzed in the airport before flying home to deal with relatives. The added bonus is that I might even be able to catch some of the Suns/Spurs game that afternoon while waiting.

Then I will most likely people watch and do my best to figure out the answer to a question I've been asking myself. I understand the need for rolling luggage due to the size and weight of large pieces.....but why the hell do so many people in D.C. have rolling briefcases. Its a f#@*$n briefcase!!!!

If it's only large enough to hold your laptop and some papers, then pick it the F up instead of rolling over my feet on the Metro, banging it into my knee, then getting it stuck in a revolving door. You look like a douche and you're not a granite supply it should be light enough to carry like a normal human being!

No wonder I have so much trouble turning new people onto rock climbing when they are hesitant to hoist their 3 1/2 pound bag off of the ground..........

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Mr. J said...

Yeah, traveling yesterday was not much fun. NEVER fly Northwest, my friend. Never fly Northwest.

Heed my words.