Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Season

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special was on T.V. this weekend and it's starting to feel like that time of the year is upon us in D.C.

We had our business holiday dinner this past friday and I had too much wine before realizing that I'm sitting next to the former Governor of Maine, the chairman of the Jane Goodall Institute, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (daughter of Bobby Kennedy/niece of JFK). This past week was spent working/following Miss America 2008 around and a dinner listening to President Bush speak has left me weary.....but those experiences will require another blog all together.

With the holiday season in full force (which seems to begin earlier and earlier each year and will eventually just start around June I figure) our office decorated the place with tacky ornaments hanging from the lights. I think our apartment has a little plastic tree somewhere in storage which I'll eventually break out.

Even as jewish kid I only celebrated christmas in our house........ every year. My parents liked trees which is why we had one in our house. I would play the charlie brown christmas songs on the piano and we would decorate the hell out of one cactus in the front yard.

Rather then be a "Scrooge" out here in D.C. where it isn't quite as warm as Phoenix and their Zoo Lights....I figure I'll just decorate our apartment like this guy...........

......or take the Seinfeld route and attempt the "feats of strength"....

Better yet, buy yourself a true blue Festivus Pole!!!! Sometimes I'm just so damn proud to be an American, it's swelling up right now.

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