Monday, November 17, 2008

Taxation Without Representation

I'm really enjoying my new living situation in Washington D.C. I moved here just in time to see all of the fall colors from burnt oranges, to burnt red, to crispy-burnt browns.

I've been outside every weekend so far making the most of the season. However I'm yet to be a random tourist and see the majority of the cultural sights. I visited D.C. in years prior and saw the majority of the monuments, Smithsonians, etc but I need to see the "true" culture. The underground. The social movements.

This is not an attempt to find the "radical" or "loud" counter-culture aspects, but I love finding what really makes the lifeblood of an urban area. My short list at the moment includes finding a real seedy piano/jazz club with that sax player on the soprano playing his heart out till 3 in the morning, visiting as many urban parks as possible once the snow falls, and spending some time at a local homeless shelter/foodbank.

Many of you have asked what D.C. is like and I believe it's too hard to summarize all of its' characteristics. So instead I'll let Colbert's interview with our only Congressional Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton summarize for me.



mike said...

Tim! I want you tell me all about the nitty-gritty of DC life. In a town that elected a crack-smoking mayor I'm sure you can find some trashier places than an all-night jazz bar.
In all seriousness: I'm glad you're enjoying your new regularly and post often and I'm sure you'll have a loyal allegiance of followers in no time.

Mr. J said...

i don't know about a seedy all-night jazz/piano bar, but i can recommend a sweet piano bar in georgetown called mr. smith's. it's a blast, i promise you.

on a rest day of course...