Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I figure I should lay out some ground rules for this blog and those who read it about what I will discuss.

1). Pulling On Plastic:

This phrase describes my current unfortunate situation at the moment (ask a climber what it means and's not a sexual innuendo).

I've always walked the thin line of "rock climbing hippie from flagstaff" to "professionally dressed researcher". Therefore this blog will most likely reflect these interests.

I don't expect you to enjoy all of the topics....and I can assure you, there are much better blogs out there then this one that I encourage you to visit.

2). Things that WILL be discussed:

  • Rock climbing/bouldering
  • The Phoenix Suns
  • Philanthropy and altruistic behavior
  • Self-deprecating and ethnically insensitive Jewish jokes and stereotyping (see; Seinfield/Curb Your Enthusiasm for better examples then mine)
  • Washington D.C.
  • Dark manly beers
  • Salmon and Grizzly bears
  • Michael Franti and Spearhead

3). Things that WILL NOT be discussed much:

  • Country Music
  • Organized Religion (does not include the teachings of one Edward Abbey)
  • Politics (Yes I'm politically aware, yes I live in D.C. and get enough of it on a daily basis thank you)
  • Ann Coulter (see above)
  • Bud Light with Lime
  • My sex life (I'm happy with it, but my parents will probably be reading this soon enough....and I've already said too much)

  • Blatant racism. Discrimination based on pure observations is allowed however. (Litmus test: If it was in "Blazing Saddles" then it's kosher to me)
  • Collar popping scarf wearing Jersey guidos

I believe that we're on this earth to help others. What the others are here for....I'm not sure of yet.

These are only rules however....and I've broken many rules before and had a blast doing it......


Ben said...

Dude! Bud Lime is like my favorite beer. It's second only to Steel Reserve, the best bouldering beer of our time.

Zack the Intern said...

I enthusiastically endorse your rules promoting dark manly beers and prohibiting bud light lime and Ann Coulter. Oh, and thanks for forwarding the message from Jesus, I never get his texts. I hope I didn't just break a rule.