Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rat Rockin

A couple of weekends ago I traveled up to Manhattan with my friend Kristine. We met up with 4 other close friends to watch one of them run the NYC Marathon.

First off, major props to Ryan for putting out an uber-impressive 3:02 time in the marathon only to literally have to come home to a cold shower because his building had turned off their hot water.

I have been to the city multiple times before this and had already done all of the obligatory tourist shit. This was far and away my favorite trip out there yet because while I only had about a 36-hour window, there was no strict itinerary to follow besides hanging out with friends.

I did however wander off from my friends with my chalk bag and shoes hidden in my backpack to find "Rat rock" in central park south. I've come to the acceptance that I must find all bouldering opportunities when I travel regardless of how urban the setting.

Central Park bouldering in general ("cat rock" and "worthless boulder" included) has an great history and story behind it. The beta I had for the place was very limited, just like the amount of time I had at the rock.

During the 45 minutes or so there I ran into another boulder-holder who kindly gave me some beta and even snag his crash pad. I only get to send 2 routes which I find out later are around V2 & V3 respectively (#14 and #15 listed here for beta purposes)

Certainly not a destination point, but if I ever have a crash pad and find myself in Manhattan I'll have to tour the rest of the burrow for problems. Word of some highballs with pavement landings exists around Ft. Tryon and Harlem.....


Ben said...

What's up with the tripod in the background? Is that dude a super famous climber on a bouldering photo shoot?

Tim said...

Same day as the NYC marathon. Central park was the only place pro-phos could hide while the race was going finishing up.