Monday, November 24, 2008

Matrix returns only to "Yo Gabba Gabba" with Amare

After a couple of close Suns wins, I still continue my cautiously optimistic view on the team. Only beating the OKC THUNDAAAA (weak name) by a single point because Nash went off knocking everything down he took for just one quarter.

When he plays like this, I liken him to the Mario brothers star power-up. You rarely get to see it, it lasts a short amount of time, but when you obtain it you can run speed ahead without concern. While these moments have been few and far between since "Trix" left, it was great to see.

Speaking of which....It's the return of the Matrix to Phoenix tonight against the Heat. Let it be known that I was and still am a HUGE Shawn Marion fan. He brought scrappy play and hustle into our otherwise only offensively minded "7-seconds or less era". He said more than a few mumbles about his coin during contract years and even when he did, it was only because he put up the best numbers on our team.

When he returns, I expect/hope our fans show him nothing but love and respect for his years here. I certainly did at games I attended and even at the occasional sighting in "Snobbsdale" which he would frequent.

It shouldn't be weird for him to return to the PHX.

At least no weirder then seeing Amare doing a choreographed dance routine on a children's acid tripped rip off of my beloved Sesame Street.....


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This is a Suns sports town. I'm sorry but no other major team comes close. I'll break it down in the next blog...

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