Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Bit of Riddim

Without a doubt.....the best night of live music I've ever experienced.

So I had seen Michael Franti & Spearhead 4 times already, 3 times in AZ and once in Alaska. I believe every one of these included my best friends and former roommates Matt and Kim. This show at the 9:30 club in D.C. was followed by a private open MIC night at a coffee house where Franti did a benefit for IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War)

There were at most 80 people at the after show which was a full acoustic set which I got to meet him after. The main show was your typical incredible live Spearhead concert with a 2:30 hour set.

When Franti says "I wanna see ya'll jumpin!!!!"....everyone jumps. It's just how it works. No matter how many times I've seen him (this was the second time on this tour alone) he brings the energy. Everyone is either dancing, singing along, or just smiling the entire length of the show.

This tour has been particularly great because of the inclusion of Cherine Anderson, a soulful and sensual singer from Kingston, and the Solillaquists of Sound.

I truly believe there are two types of music fans. Those that love Michael Franti & Spearhead....and those that don't know how much they do until they see actually hear 'em.

Do yourself a favor and make the day better by checking out a couple of concerts from tours past as well as his sold out show a few weeks ago in Times Square.......

Amsterdam show from his tour in Europe

Franti at the Nokia Theater, NYC

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