Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because he has a sick crossover?

Last week many citizens of this country voted a black man into power, some simply because of their belief that he can hit a 16 footer from the elbow with ease. They didn't even care about his policies or lack of political experience but he won nonetheless. If I could have voted in this election however, I would have done the same.

I'm talking of course.......about Kevin Johnson.

I played many sports growing up but was primarily a basketball nut. I have followed the Suns from as long as I can remember and playing on basketball teams I only wanted the #7 jersey on my team because KJ was my, along with many other people's, favorite player.

Many nostalgic memories are brought up from my childhood watching the most aggressive point guard to ever wear a purple and orange uniform (yes, Steve is great too but can't play defense even close to as well as when KJ would be put up opposite "His Airness").

"The new Mayor talks about dunking on Hakeem"

I'm not sure about his vision as mayor to turn
Sacramento into a point of travel, but any guy that can dunk on Mark Eaton, Hot Rod Williams, and Hakeem, gets my vote.

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