Friday, November 28, 2008

4 teams 1 city

After a Lakers game in which I'm still trying to forget (I'm clueless as to how we could even win a game against them in the playoffs if they play as well in the post-season) the Suns fans were seemingly outnumbered by Lakers fans. More importantly they were louder. Even the nationally televised announcers were making comments about that.

1). Cardinals- Yes they are indeed 7-5 at the time of this posting, and they will almost certainly hold on to win the division.....for the first time in 33 years. Honestly. Most people are transplants to the phoenix area anyways so they will root for the city which they left. The Cards would never sell out games (even when they played at the college stadium before tax payers were duped into footing the bill for their stadium) except for when the Cowboys or Bears would come to town.

That's fine though. The Bidwell family are turds and they get what they deserve. Even the Plummer years in which they won a playoff game was a once in history win.

But after a 48-20 beat down by the Eagles, I'm just reminded that they are the same bad team with little defense which has the benefit of playing in the worst division I've ever seen. The rest of the NFC West is 3-8, 2-9, and 2-10.

Be proud Cards fans and enjoy your first round exit.

2). Coyotes- "What's the NHL?" says one Payson, AZ rancher.

"We have a team in it too?" says the other Flagstaff hippie.

"Who's this guy named Gretzky that coaches? Sounds communist to me or even worse...Canadian!!!!" says the collective population of Cochise County Arizona.

Everyone in D.C. wears Ovechkin jersey's. Phoenix is trying to figure out the rationale behind building an ice rink in the Sonoran desert...

3) D-Backs- I like this team. I like that they were born here on the back of the Colangelo family and even gave the city it's first major championship. But I, like many others have admitted, are fair-weather fans at best. Chase Field is a blast to see a game at and Mark Grace is filled with comedic and sarcastic undertones when watching them on the tube.

We love our spring training games too. So why do so few people attend games. I just think 162 game season is too damn long. I realize the reasons behind it including revenue, marketing, travel times, pitchers rotations, but its exhausting.

Middle of the road on them. Fun to watch, but from a fan that actually watches and attends games, the only excitement generally involves drinking. Plus do you really thing Arizona fans could ever pull anything this cool off....

4) Suns- Obviously, I'm biased but since 1968 (20 years longer then the Cards presence in Arizona) the purple gang from phoenix has been intertwined with the city's culture.

The characters and players becoming icons and philanthropic figures in their local community.

They have a culture of only accepting winners (or had until Colangelo bailed)

...and if you can forget the "darkbury days" and look beyond the "7S.O.L." era.....they had Kevin Johnson.

...and K.J. is the final word on any topic.

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